Bus and Minivan rental


SIEBUS main activity is bus and minivan rental from Catania.

We can cover any area in Sicily, both for transfers and tours or excursions.

Regarding the last ones, we can give you, by request, a guide. For smaller groups we are able to give you guides/drivers which allow you to better enjoy your staying without exaggerating the costs of the service.

About the prices, we cannot make an exact price-list for bus and minivan rental, because there are many things that can influence them: oil price, seasonality, distance, parking lots, controlled traffic zones…if you want a quote, you have to contact us, then.

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You can contact us for any request and we’ll try our best to find the perfect solution even for particular demands, thanks also to our many partners we work with in Sicily, Italy and Europe.

Important: when you’re planning your trip, pay attention to driver’s planned driving hours . driving a vehicle is a responsible task and, as such, the accessibility of the drivers, who has to be constantly focused and careful, cannot be abused. This is why the law has established specific notions about the driving hours and the driver’s accessibility on excursions and tours. You can find an article in our blog explaining in a simple way the accessibility and rest hours. The best solution is to ask for 2 drivers: the cost of the service will be a little higher, but you can easily avoid such problems.